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The Quest for the Best Magazine in South Korea that covers all News

A social news magazine that gives you all the news that you need and perhaps the gambling news too is pretty important to have for a community. We have been searching for the best of this type when it comes to South Korea. And our quest has ended. We found out that 10 Magazine is the go-to option for anyone interested in getting to know the general day-to-day events together with all the casino news. This is a monthly publication.

The Content of 10 Magazine

Through the publication of works on a broad and varied range of South Korean events, including history, culture, tourism, economy, society, education, and more, 10 Magazine aims to increase the world’s understanding of Korea. It serves as a trustworthy guide in an era of information overload and mass marketing by choosing and making high-quality samples of South Korean culture easily accessible to individuals interested in learning more about this fascinating nation. This is mostly important for the English-speaking community interested in South Korea. And this is pretty important to those who want to know a great deal of casino news as well.

A Brief In-depth Overview

Each issue’s first half is allocated to a range of entertainment events in South Korea. Expat Expertise, In the Kitchen (chef profiles), 10 Questions (interviews), Asian Destinations (travel to adjacent Asian countries), Korean Destinations, Asian History, Blog of the Month, Family & Community, and Expat Destinations are just a few of the articles available in the first half of the magazine.

There are also detailed cover articles published each month, frequently with a top 10 list theme. The 10 most upscale locations in Korea, the 10 finest burgers, wings, and pizza, traditional Korean markets, expatriate owner-chefs, the best hiking spots, dating in Korea, and other subjects are being covered in these sections.

The “Calendar and Directory” part of every issue covers the whole country. Nationwide, Seoul, Gyeonggi, Chungcheong, Gyeongsang, Gangwon, Jeolla, and Jeju are the seven areas that it divides the country into. Each part offers business services of interest to English speakers in the Directory section as well as event information for each region in the Calendar section. Events are organized into the following categories on each area calendar: art, theater & dance, concerts, film, family & community, education & conferences, sport & fitness, dine & drink, and nightlife. Moreover, if you are into gambling, do not worry! They have got you covered with all the information and news you need as well.

Availability of 10 Magazine

These are available worldwide because of its global distribution network, which includes well-known Korean bookshops, university libraries, bookstores in many countries, as well as a number of significant internet retailers. So, to get to know all that you need to know about South Korea, you can purchase 10 Magazine quite easily.

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Briefly about its History and Progress

In the summer of 2008, Sang-tae Kim, Jai-yoon Kim, Kyoung-hee Lim, Hyeong-beom Lee, and Stephen Revere created 10 Media, the organization that owns 10 Magazine. They produced a pre-launch issue in September of that year, followed by the real launch issue in October. Since then, it has moved on. And it keeps on accumulating new users too. It goes on to quench the thirst of its readers who ardently wish to read about South Korea and its news including all the casino news. Their current location is in Hannam Building Suite 1010 (211 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The new magazine logo came into play replacing the old one in October 2012.

Reliability of the Content

You actually do not need to worry about the reliability of the content of 10 Magazine at all. All the content of this magazine is coming from reliable sources and they are pretty accurate. So, you can obviously place your trust on 10 Magazine.

Contests and Events by 10 Magazine

The Korea Awaits Video Contest, one of several yearly competitions sponsored by 10 Magazine, is one of the main events 10 Magazine is associated with. Additionally, 10 Magazine collaborates with FC Seoul to promote the Foreigner’s Day activities, which unite the foreign population of Seoul to support the national football team. It first happened on September 11, 2010, and it was attended by around 3,000 non-Koreans.

Casino Industry in South Korea

In South Korea, gambling is common. It is true that there are legislative restrictions. Citizens should be aware of where and how to gamble. In Korea, there are roughly 23 actual casinos, although only the Sangwon Casino permits locals to wager. In South Korea, casinos are designed for visitors. So, if you are visiting South Korea, it would be your least concern to take into consideration.

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Final Thought

In this article, we told you about the best South Korean magazine that covers all news, social events, and casino news. For anyone interested, 10 Magazine is absolutely a perfect choice.

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