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How to Read and Understand Sports Odds?

A lot of new punters are getting intimidated by sports betting odds. They are usually viewed as complex and getting caught up in the middle of it all could be daunting.

Also, they are presented in various ways that usually adds to the confusion. However, the truth of the matter is, they are easy to understand and to interpret. At first, looking at these values in the bookmakers page could be confusing at first but once you understand them, they could be a great tool to help you win profits.

There are mainly three kinds of sports betting odds, they are European odds, British odds and American odds. They all represented the same thing, you will still receive the same payout even if it’s presented in either one of these methods.

European Odds

European odds are commonly known as decimal odds and they are very popular in European countries, as well as in Commonwealth territories such as Canada, South Africa and Australia. Out of all the types of sports betting odds, the decimal odds are pretty straightforward and the easiest to work with. 

You can easily determine the payout that you will receive just by looking at the digits of the odds being presented. In order to calculate these odds, all you need to do is subtract the amount of your initial bet from the number of the payout. Also, you will easily see which one of the teams is the favorite and the underdogs in the World Cup. 

British Odds

British odds are typically known as fractional odds, they are very much popular in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. These types of odds are the much preferred method of most major bookmakers which means it is the most common type of odds around the world. 

British odds are usually presented with a slash sign, and the digits are commonly read aloud as “nine to four” or “one to six.” 

To calculate these odds, take the numerator which represents how many times the bookmaker expects the result to fail and divide it with the denominator which represents how many times the result is expected to succeed. The result will be the implied probability.

American Odds

American odds are also known as moneyline odds, they are very popular among the bookmakers in the United States, hence the name. Out of all the three betting odds, American odds is probably the hardest to understand and to interpret. The reason why this is confusing might lie in the two ways these odds are being presented.

In American odds, the numbers are accompanied by either a plus or a minus sign. The number depends on the team that you are betting on in a specific match. 

The negative numbers usually represent the favorites, and they usually come with a higher amount of stakes. The digit means the amount that you need to bet in order to win $100.

If the numbers are positive, then it means it is for the underdogs, and they usually come with higher payouts and low stakes. The digit means the amount that you will receive for every $100 that you bet. However, because the team is an underdog, the probability that they could win the game is low,


There are many factors to determine the ty le keo in a sporting event such as team status, previous data, weather disturbance, injuries, and other factors. Bookmakers may change the odds that are already being posted because of these factors. 

This is why it is so important that a punter knows how to read and interpret sports betting odds, so that punters can distinguish the favorable odds from those who are not.

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