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Remote Online Notarization-What You Need to Know

Notarization is a process that assures parties that a document is authentic and can be trusted. The process is performed by a notary public to help minimize fraud. It involves various steps, including vetting, certifying documents, and record keeping. Nowadays, you can notarize a document online, which offers multiple benefits.

Understanding remote online notarization (RON) 

This is the process whereby a state-licensed notary public notarizes a document online. The procedure uses an electronic signature, identity verification, electronic notarial journal, and advanced record-keeping technologies.

The technologies allow for a secure notarial process and save time that you would spend traveling to meet the parties involved. With online notarization, you don’t need to meet in a physical place; instead, you get an online notary service from anywhere as long your state permits this.

What are the benefits of remote online notarization?

If you have at some point traveled to the notary public to notarize a document, you’ll agree with m that remote online notarization is quite convenient. Online notarization offers multiple gains, including;

  1. Convenience &Improved access

 Online notarization allows you to undertake the process from different locations, and you don’t need to meet in a physical place. Online notarization eliminates this by making notarization making accessible to anyone who lacks time to travel.

  1. Fraud minimization

Notarization ensures that documents are authentic. The online notary service process uses advanced proofing technologies such as;

  • Identity verification

 With online notarization, all users present a government ID to the camera on the device being used. RON technology confirms the security features of the document, making it easy to prove its authenticity. This is easier than in-person notary review by people with minimal experience.

  • Knowledge-based authentication 

You should answer all the questions correctly during notarization. The information is then verified from a third-party database which adds a security layer to identify the signer’s identity.

  • Security and enforceability

 Online notarization employs different technologies to over authenticity of notarized documents.

  • Tamper-evident seal

Online notarization involves the use a digital seal that assists authorities in determining if the document was altered. Also, the process employs an electronic journal and audio-visual recording to serve as evidence of a completed notarial act.

 Is online notarization secure?

 Electronic signature standards have evolved over time due to emerging technology and notarization standards. Nonetheless, online notarization is gaining popularity due to its secure nature of notarizing documents. The laws vary between states, and it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the regulations in your state.

Is RON approved in all states?

RON is relatively new with changing laws and standards. Sometimes, these are yet to adopt the technology. However, most states recognize online notarization and out-of-state notarial acts as long as the documents are filed according to state regulations.

Final thoughts

 Online notarization offers many benefits and is a convenient way of authenticating documents online. With this procedure, you don’t have to travel miles to sign physical documents but can verify the authenticity of paper documents from your home. The technology is very secure and safe, and you only need to mail the document to the notary. This way, it will be sent back to the appropriate party.

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