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Free cash at online casinos

There is actually another kind of no deposit bonus that many online casinos offer. The no deposit bonus we are reffering to is the free cash. This is not anything you can get as a new player but as an existing member you sometimes have the opportunity to use some free cash at casinos. Free cash are not connected to wagering requirement so this form of reward give you real cash on the account. Free cash is used as an encouragement for loyal members at a specific casino. In most cases the cash is given away to high rollers or players that have deposited and wager a lot of money in the casino. So if you are looking for rewards like this you have to stay active at BC.Game casino – your favourite online casino.

There is another way to get free cash when you play online. Several casinos have some kind of reward system or loyalty program where players get rewarded when they play in the casino. For example you can earn FPP’s or loyalty coins. If you collect enough of these you can exchange the loyalty coins into real cash. There are different programs and some are better than others but this reward system is really common for most popular casinos online. Others are also letting players exchange FPP’s into real things like clothes and Apple Gadget. While some other let you exchange your FPP’s into free spins, bonuses and cash.

How online casino bonuses work

Casino bonus onlineAs you know, the house always has a small edge when you play casino games. Most online slot machines have an RTP (return to player) ranging from 95-97%, meaning that the casino, over a long period, will rake in between 3-5% of what players gamble. Although the house edge doesn’t makes it impossible to win big, you’ll want to close the gap and increase your edge against the casino as much as possible. The best way to do that is by playing with a casino bonus. Casino bonuses basically give you extra money to play with, so that you have more chances of hitting a massive win and ending the playing session with a profitable withdrawal. All casino bonuses come with a set of rules and limitations and the most common type of bonus are the deposit bonuses.

A casino deposit bonus is when you get extra money added on top of what you add to your player account. If the bonus is 100% extra up to €100, the casino will double your money up to a maximum of €100 extra. In other words: if you make a deposit of €30, the casino will add another €30 on top and you will have a total of €60 to play with. The extra cash will give you more to play with, increasing your chances of getting a big win that can be cashed out once you have cleared the wagering requirements. There are certain restrictions to any casino bonus and we will cover that later in this article – in addition to all the ways you can get your hands on casino bonuses.

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