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5 Important Ways to Win Teen Patti Online Game for Real Money

Teen patti is one of the most popular casino games among Indian players. Since online casinos were introduced in India, it becomes extremely famous among punters. And not only the Indians but even bettors from outside of India are also participating in the game. Now the game rule is simple. It would help if you created a combination of high ranks depending on the three cards. As we said, teen patti online is very popular in India. And because the game is based on your ability, you can easily use some strategy to win the game. But for that, you have to know how to play 3 patti.

How To Play 3 Patti?

Here you have to put your bet first. The dealer will draw you 3 cards to each player, and then the game will begin. All the players will then compete to create the highest combination to win the battle. Here three actions are possible: call, raise and fold.

  • Call- This action will allow you to continue the game without raising the bet.
  • Raise- the action will clear your intention to increase the betting amount. Raise will deliberately increase the risk of winning and losing.
  • Fold- It can be applied to show the card. The action can be imposed by the dealer or the player with a high-ranking hand. However, other players can deny the fold three times in the game.

Here the player who has the highest ranking will win the game. If it is the dealer, then the dealer will win the game. Now you can play the game on live streaming with other players or choose to play with the computer. Playing with the computer may give you limited chances to win big, but you will master the skill for sure.

5 Important Methods for Teen Patti

As we said, the game has huge potential; if you know the game rules and are confident enough, you can win. Now when you play teen patti online, you have to keep a few things in your mind.

  • Begin Small-
    Teen patti is a long-time game. You can play the game for long hours. Now, you must start slow if you want to play for long hours and win a handsome amount. The method is proven; if you wager a smaller amount, you will not get stressed by the game.
  • Be the Blind Player-
    If you are playing teen patti online on betting in India, playing blind will be your key. In “3 Patti” emotions plays a huge role. When players raise the stakes, they get emotional, and a good ranking hand change their expression. If you play blind, you can see the emotion on their face, which will help you understand the game’s movement.
  • Learn to Fold When Necessary
    The fold is the dead end of the round. But you can use the action on a bigger aspect. Fold gives you a chance to reduce your damage. If your hands are not strong enough, do not go for the blind. Rather stay within limits and fold in the first place. This action will reduce your loss and raise other players’ confidence. And overconfidence often makes us lose a winning game. Even if you are playing teen patti online with the computer, it will save you money.
  • Sideshow Will Increase Your Winning Amount-
    The game allows you to play sideshow. And you can take full advantage of that sideshow to take someone out of the game. But remember to use the sideshow when you are confident enough if your cards have a strong chance to be the highest-ranking only request at that time.
  • Use the Bonuses-
    If you are betting in India, the online platforms will give you welcome bonuses, rewards, and loyalty bonuses. Do not waste them. You can use those bonuses on your games, so choose wisely while spending the money on teen patti online. It will reduce costs and allow you to win money without investing from your pocket.

Apart from that, it would help if you kept a few things in your mind. For example- you knew more about the ranking and the odds, improving your skills, finding a legit site for betting in India, controlling your emotion, etc.

Final Words

Teen patti is a common game that people probably play every Diwali. And almost every player masters the skill, but only a few win the game. It is because they accept one truth winning and losing are parts of the game. Now, if you are a beginner, find the best site for betting in India. Because the best site will not only let you practice the game but provide you guidance as well.

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