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Online casinos are by far one of the most popular forms of online entertainment in the Asian continent. Multiple businesses offer a wide selection of rooms, games, slots and experiences which all entice players to test their limits and their chances against the likes of some commonly known names like roulette.

Unlike real life casinos which are largely banned in south eastern territories, online casinos offer avid players the escape they need to play their favourite games and have a flurry to win extra pocket money for the little luxuries in life.

Playing big name sites like slotxo is an indulgent past time to have, but what can it offer for both new and existing players?

Customise the environment

Instead of looking at the same four walls day in and day out, online casinos have the flexibility to offer customisation so each player can play in an ambience which is suitable for them.

Offering a selection of AGIN, AGQ, AG Euro even and VJ Hall themes, there’s something for every player to create a unique playing field for each and every session online.

Also relating to differences in gameplay, players can try out different forms of traditional games like poker to find the version which suits their appetite best.


A great starting point for any player joining up to an online casino, blackjack is a common enough name associated with casinos but it’s also a dominating game for big name online casinos.

Available with a direct feed of a real time table, players do not look at a virtual table with computer based cards, they are instead watching a real dealer in action.

Options, add on features and settings are conveniently set around the screen and not in the frame to act as a distraction, giving players the full experience of being part of blackjack.

Not all online casinos have this service available, however it is becoming more and more commonplace to find and it often includes the option to place a perfect pairs wager. Something else to watch out for is the inclusion of insurance if a dealer is holding an ace, this will be of particular use throughout the duration of an online session of blackjack.


Even if players have never tried this game, they almost certainly know the basics and what the overall concept looks like.

Multiple paying limits are available with online roulette games, depending on the casino in question. Players can opt for a pay in which suits their budget moving on to place bets on what is usually a European table.


Another popular game with online casino players, baccarat in Asian online casinos often provide two different game styles of traditional version and the Dragon Bonus.

Like in blackjack, the menus and settings are kept discrete and players get ample opportunities to squeeze their cards to make a win.

Multiple sub sections of baccarat can also be available depending on the casino in play.

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