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Is online live blackjack rigged?

Many blackjack players have doubts about the fairness of the game, in fact, it goes hand in hand with the problem of whether or not online casinos are rigged.

The thing is that, it is completely possible for an online casino to be rigged; however it is not probable. Yes there are a lot of scam sites over the internet, but there are also many other sites that are legit and have the best live blackjack online usa tables to offer.
It is true online casinos can be rigged very easily, but that doesn´t mean they are. As we stated before, the majority of the gambling sites are really legit. However, players must learn how to distinguish one from another. It is essential to understand that there are some aspects that ensures the security and fairness of the online casinos and the games they offer.

How to choose a legit online casino

Legit online casinos are powered by legitimate software developers (Betsoft, Evolution Gaming, Netent, Playtech and RTG are some of the best-known). These type of developers produce honest games which are tested by important auditors who provides the corresponding certificates when the games are fair.

Many players tend to think that live blackjack casino tables are safer than playing blackjack run by Random Number Generators, because the latter are easier to rig. However, as we just mentioned, RNG games provided by trustworthy developers offered at casinos with the corresponding licenses and certificates must not generate mistrust.

Legitimate online casinos meet all the conditions required by the authorities in order to be granted their licensing and to pass the auditing process. This is the big difference between a safe and fair site and a rigged one, aside from the precautions taken by the software developers themselves, every legitimate online casino is subject to the laws of the country it operates in, even if they are international, they are still subject to rules that ensure fair play and safety of players. That is why the software blackjack rigged threat is virtually nonexistent and players can fully enjoy both games against the RNG and online blackjack live dealer.

No reputable casino game developer wants to be associated with rigged games or rigged casinos since it would harm their reputation. The same thing happens with reputable casinos; they don´t want to risk their reputation by rigging some of their games. Think about this; all casino games are made to slightly favor the casino so that the site can make a profit; therefore, it is just not worth to rig the games and risk the continuity of the business if the site is already making enough money.

How is online blackjack rigged?

There are many ways to rig a blackjack game, however the most common method is removing the aces or face cards completely. People tend to think it would be easy to notice if those cards were missing, but the fact is that most blackjack games use less than 50% of available cards per game. So, it is probable that no one will notice.
Cases like this are extremely rare but not unheard of. There is a famous case of rigged blackjack, the Potripper scandal, in which the operator´s owner was able to see the player´s card.

But don´t let this scare you, such scams are possible but very improbable because of the many reasons we mentioned before and the requirements every legitimate casino must meet in order to have the necessary accreditations.

Is live dealer blackjack safer than RNG blackjack?

Live blackjack allows gamblers to play against a real dealer. The game is broadcasted in real-time from a studio set like a casino or from a real land-based casino. Players can interact with the dealer and see everything that happens at the table in real time. Also the game is played with real decks of cards. Because of all this, most players assume that live dealer blackjack rigged tables are not a probable thing, therefore, they seem more secure and fair than RNG blackjack. Initially, many players chose these tables for believing that they were more fair, but that change in time. When a player chooses a casino that is licensed and audited regularly, they have the same chances to win at live and RNG blackjack tables, the only difference is the game experience.

In conclusion, the risk of live dealer blackjack rigged games is the same as when playing against the software.

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