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Where do gaming problems start?

Gambling is fairly ingrained in Australian culture, and many of us are subjected to it from a young age. Despite it’s incidence, it doesn’t affect everyone in the same manner.

There is absolutely no universal reason why gambling affects some people differently to other people. We see people from all different backgrounds and walks of life which seek help.

There can be a multiple things that impact on someone’s likelihood of developing problems with gambling.

Occasionally people find that other issues they’re experiencing in their lives would be the tipping point and they turn to gambling to escape.

A significant life event or stressful scenario may have happened when their gambling began to escape control.

A large payout (retirement, inheritance, purchase ) — and getting more disposable income about

Grief or separation – shedding a significant individual or connection

The breakdown of a connection

Changes in physical health

Illness — bodily pain may impact how we cope with life normally

Feelings of pity, depression, anxiety or anxiety

reduction of work — maybe due to redundancy or retirement

Isolation and isolation

Major life events which cause major upheaval — e.g. children starting school or transferring

Problems on the job or changes in employment

Cash problems.

You may ask,”Why does this matter if my gaming becomes a issue, I only want help?”

Identifying what could be pushing you towards gambling is not a magic fix, knowing what might have triggered the change in behaviour can help identify the way ahead and particularly strategies that might assist you.

As soon as you begin to get your Sridevi result gambling under control, it could be helpful to also look at such contributing factors, and ways you can offset their impact in the future.


While there is no universal type of people who have gambling problems, you may be at risk of developing a problem for those who:

Start Sridevi panel chart gambling at a young age

Have a big win at the early stages of gambling

Are around gambling often and get pressure from peers to gamble.

Remember even if you fit into one of these classes there are many approaches available to help you control your gaming. Read about gambling responsibly.

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