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Guide to write a witness statement for an accident in Las Vegas

Are you an eyewitness to a motor vehicle accident in Las Vegas? Then, you have a crucial role in the accident claim case. By giving a witness statement of the incident, you will help provide vital information about the accident case. M

If you know how to explain a car accident in writing, the witness statement will be a cakewalk for you. But if you are struggling with writing it, the following information will help you present a well-written witness statement in no time!

What is a witness statement, and why is it important to write one?

A witness statement is a written description of what you saw at the accident site. 

You might be wondering why you should give it in writing, as you may have already given an oral statement to the police or the attorney. But, a witness statement is a critical piece of evidence in court and can help the victim win the case. 

  • Even when the fault is obvious, the court will ask for evidence to establish the negligent driver’s fault. 
  • Sometimes, there will be a dispute over who is at fault. There have been instances where both parties genuinely believed the other was responsible for the accident. 
  • In such situations, a witness statement may reveal what happened and who was at fault in the accident. 

What to incorporate in a witness statement?

Besides the personal information such as name, contact number, home address, you have to describe what you saw. 

You should try to recollect the incident and write exhaustive information such as the car’s number, how many got injured, etc. 

What not to include in the witness statement?

You must not write about any assumptions you have regarding the accident. For instance, you believe that the accident occurred due to one person’s negligence, but you don’t know for sure. Then, don’t include such opinions in the statement. 

Similarly, avoid confusing statements in the write-up. Try to write crisply and avoid ambiguous sentences. 

Final Takeaways 

As a witness, you have the power to turn the fate of an accident case. A witness statement is the written evidence of the incident that may help the victim win compensation. 

You must do your best to do justice to the victim by providing an honest narrative of the accident. 

If you need further assistance with writing the witness statement, contact an attorney today. The attorney will guide you by showing sample write-ups and advising you on how to write them.

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