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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a game changer by Evolution and NetEnt

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is a game-changing collaboration between Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, the company behind the legenary slot game Gonzo’s Quest that this new game is based on.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a hybrid between a live dealer game and a RNG slot game that creates a unique gaming experience. It is also the first live dealer game that can be played using a VR headset – and the first game overall to allow VR was the Gonzo slot game itself. In essence, this game is a live gameshow with a host. There are many other games like this, and they’re usually some variation of a Wheel of Fortune.

In this game, you select a number of prize symbols you want to discover, and the number of picks you want to have. The game is divided into four segments – betting, The Treasure Hunt where you select the stones, The Prize Drop where bonus prizes and multipliers are added to the stones, and Big Reveal where all the stones with their prizes are revealed and matched to your bets. If you have a match, you win.

How to win Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Just like most gameshow games, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt seems simple but there is a correct strategy that can be followed. You simply have to choose if you want to go for a low risk/reward, if you want to look for the best value, or if you want to go for high risk/reward. These strategies are discussed in detail on the link above.

Game mechanics and odds

Most frequent returns in this game seem to be in the 10x area, though for many players it will make sense to simply invest some funds into chasing the top prize that can be in tens of thousands as you can see above.

Generally, the theoretical return to player (RTP) of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is 96.56%. That’s when you take the game as a whole. Individual stones – Brown, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue and Red have RTP that slightly differs from the average but are generally the same.

Brown stones pay 1:1, Orange 2:1, Purple 4:1, Green 8:1, Blue 20:1 and Red 65:1. This makes for a highly volatile game so it’s only up to you if you want to use that volatility to your advantage by chasing that big win!


You may or may not enjoy live gameshow online casino games, but what is certain here is that Evolution and NetEnt opened the door to an exciting new era in online gambling. First of all, these are two developers that never collaborated before. Second of all, a slot game character got so popular that he can carry an entirely new game. And finally, there’s VR and this isn’t the last game to offer it!

We eagerly await what’s next in online gaming!

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