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4 Things to Look for in a Poker Site Review

Finding the right poker site to play on can be a challenging time for a gambling enthusiast. You want to make sure it ticks the right boxes and appeals to you and the games you like to play. That’s why review sites are so popular, people get the opportunity to read about prospective sites before risking their own time and money into playing on a site. However, when reading poker reviews, one should always be asking the same types of questions and looking for specific answers. That’s why in this article we are going to list four things you should look for in an impartial and comprehensive poker site review.

1) Traffic

There are loads of poker sites around but they differ widely in the number of players that play there. Traffic is an important aspect to any poker site review and something you should be looking out for. If you want to play with lots of players, you’ll want this number to be high (2,500 +). Conversely, if you prefer to play on a smaller side with less regulars, you may be happy with a site under 2,000 during off peak. Sites like Coral operate with these numbers, read a coral poker review here.

2) Banking Options

Who can keep up with the number of payment merchants around? Everyone has their preferences so always read a review to find out what methods are accepted. More importantly, you need to check which ones are eligible for cash out too. Many poker sites may accept a method for deposit but restrict it for withdrawals. Banking options is a huge aspect to a poker site, particularly with the explosion of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. If the site you’re reviewing doesn’t offer the method you want, don’t waste time registering an account. There are dozens of decent poker sites so don’t feel obliged to play on one if they don’t cater to your needs.

3) Competitiveness

Most players want to be playing against inferior opponents. This is how you make money after all. Therefore, it’s essential that a poker site review details how difficult the opponents are. If the section is lightweight with little information, conduct some further research into finding out how competitive the games are on the site in question. Unfortunately, there are some poker sites where competition is very hard due to a high level of part-time professionals. These sites should be avoided as it increases the chances of you losing money in the long run.

4) Loyalty Reward Programmes

Lastly, all poker site reviews should highlight what kind of loyalty programmes are on offer. Most of these come in the form of tiered systems or rakeback but they are not all equal. It’s important the review details precisely what you can expect and how to earn the rewards on offer. Loyalty programmes are great incentives for people who play regularly and can serve as a great bankroll booster so don’t sleep on the benefits of them!

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